Monday, September 12, 2011

Simple women's day book 12

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Outside my window... Dew drops are on the needles of the bush.

I am's early and I am still very tired

I am thankful... Lisa and Josh are married and the wedding was beautiful.

In the kitchen...Left over liquor from the bachelorette party.

I am wearing...a flowery nighty.

I am creating... Knitting: Talon's Christmas present, Lucia's wedding present, my Cinderella socks. Art: the icon. Writting: act one of Rescue, act two of Snowflakes and ashes. 

I am going... I think I a going to work, and maybe going to see some friends. 

I am wondering...why is morning so early?

I am reading... the Simarilian by Tolkien, The Starter by Scott Sigler, The Canterbury Tales again, Emma, and Mansfield Park.  

I am hoping... to get started on thank-you cards.

I am looking forward to...a Quiet week. 

I am hearing... The Daily Audio bible.

One of my favorite things...Dancing

A few plans for the rest of the week: Right now i have no major plans I hope to go see some friends, and I will be going to ballet this week. 

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