Friday, September 02, 2011

Plot II: Character vs Society

This can also be culture. the idea is that no matter what time you want to write in, or what time you live in there this plot is there. The idea is that your character comes up against a wall that is produced by the society or culture.

one of the best example is Glory Road, or Remember the Titans. There is also a movie I saw when I was little that was about 11 black students who went to an all white school that was really good I just can't remember what it was called. which sucks cause it was really good. when I did a search to find some more examples most of them came up with moves about Integration. which is one of the most obvious forms this plot makes.

However there are many other ways this is manifested. for example the underlying plot of the Spiderman comics is Peter Parker vs Society. that is the fun thing about Spiderman. Spiderman is Peter Parker's alternete identity. he wants to have a normal life that isn't tied to Spiderman. this is in contrast to batman and Super man who's masks are Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is basically Buffy vs the World as a slayer tries to figure out how she is going to support herself and her sister without the help of her mother or the watcher's counsel.

one last example because she uses it so much and so well. Jane Austen. she is the master of this plot. it is the ever present back drop to her stories. For her heroins the society and culture that surrounds them is going to try and destroy them. I haven't read all of her books but so far it seems fair to say that this is a predominant theme. For Jane and Lizzie society is forcing them to get married because they family is in real danger if they don't. they need to make a good marriage to someone who is rich but their own status is a hindrance to that goal, they have no money to tempt men with and no connections that will entice a man. all they have are their good looks. this is most obviously seen in how Mr. Collin's asks Lizzie to marry him, and why her mother is gunning for it. It is about finding safety ans security in a world that is against you. the same is true in Sense and sensibility in one instance the Miss Dashwoods are left penniless without even a home to call their own. they trespass on Mr. John Dashwood's favor as they search for a new home. we know from the beginning of this book that their ability to chase their dreams and hopes are now forever hindered by not receiving any inheritance thanks to the conventions of society. In Emma you could almost say that society has given her a life of ease which has stunted her because she didn't need to focus on doing things that would compensate for little fortune. she doesn't need to worry even about marrying because her father will leave the majority of his fortune to her.

So there you go Character vs Society/culture

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