Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nutrition, exercise, and me

like most women my age I struggle with my weight. It kinda sucks. I didn't used to, but when you go for a year feeding your depression with microwave pizza because cooking anything is just too much of a hassle you can quickly go from 115bl to probably close to180. yep and I got stretch marks to prove it.
I was doing really good with keeping up with the really nice work out routine I had found on at the, but   I gt settled in my life and going all the way to Wilmore to work out at the gym I have a membership at just was to much of a drive. Now you say just change the membership over to a closer gym. well here is the thing, i don't pay for my membership at the seminary's gym. and I can't afford a membership anywhere. it sucks. and i don't really know what to do.
I think what is really hard is that I don't want to over hall my life. I like my life, I like bread, I like cookie dough. and it seems that most stuff I read, think hey what is one or two healthy things I can do to change my diet basically says to do a complete overhaul and radically change everything. But I don't want to have a radical change.
Now i have been using it is nice and the people who head it up seem to be the kind of people that say hey just find something that works for you. and that is nice but I still find a lack of motivation. I have a ballet class that meets once a week, and a work out tape that I like. I have a three mile loop around my neighborhood, but I still can seem to figure out when to work out. which is basically me saying but I don't want to right now, I'd much rather do.... well nothing. there has been a general lack of motivation lately. and then that leads to bad feelings of what is wrong with me. But hopefully I will figure something out soon.

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