Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Out of the Notebook 2

In some places my writing has done well, in other places not so much. some of it has to do with the fact that I have been doing a little more writing on Daniel's game then I have on my own writing. oops. But on saturdy Greg actually made me go out to High Bridge and spend the afternoon writing. It is really nice to have a spouse that supports me in my writing.  And you know being surrounded by friends who believe in me. 

So now on to my projects: 
1 Ashes and Snowflakes
Last week I finished mapping out act two. I should explain what I mean about mapping out an act. this does not mean that what I do is say chapter title and this is what happends. I do do that kind of out line but I break everything into scenes instead of chapters. however when I actually map out the act I start by quickly spinning though the scene. some times this is just dialog, sometime sit has a ton of thoaght clearing so I can get to what I actually want the scene to be, and some times this morphs into actually fully writtign the scene if I know what is going on and where it is going. So this story is so very close to being done. I need to go though and change the names, but with any hope this will be done before November 1st. 

2 The Rescue 
Well I am now fleshing out scene 10 of 15. although I think I am going to add a couple of scenes here to do some character building. because the plot of this book is Character vs Character I need to establish why these characters are at each other's thoughts. I also have gotten the over view of the first 500 years of history for this story written. this is probably 2,000 before the events of my story happen but it is nice to see the back story coming together. 

3. The King of Sisilia
I have not worked on this project at all. 

4. Gearing up for Nanowrimo
This is exciting! when I went out to write at high bridge, which I should do again before the weather gets too cold, well something like this because I was not exactly impressed by the smallness of the park. and that day I decided to do some prep work for nano. and it was a good time. I have decided to re work The Alchemist's Daughter. I have my major plot points I know where the story is going. I am going to do something a little different with this one by following two story lines. the story of Wren, the alchemist's daughter, and of Brook, a survivor of the last battle of the Range war. I have very high hopes this year for nano. 

5. Top Secret
have not gotten much done here, but i have done some things on it...but I can't tell you much because it is a secret. 


Elizabeth said...

I find if funny that since I going from co-leader of a writing group to only leader of a writing group I write less...but the group writes more. I just need to write...and will November isn't that far way.

Will you nano this year?

Glo said...

I am defiantly nano-ing this year. I've already started planning