Monday, July 09, 2012

Buccaneer BlogFest: Day one

I have been having a very dry blog year. I mean really I had gotten up to blogging daily and then something happened this year and suddenly I don't have the motivation to blog. So after giving it some thought I have decided (probably influenced by the lingering sickness that has kept me home from work, chiropractor, dance and may have made some people uncomfortable at church yesterday) to join the:
Here is a link to the blog post that will give you all the information you ever wanted to know about the Buccaneer blog fest, and here is the opening post about it.

Day one topic is to introduce yourself and blog so here we go:

Hello my name is Gloria Anne Cole Sigountos and this is my blog. 

A little about myself, I am originally from Wyoming (where I miss living it is such a wonderful little piece of heaven) I got my BA in Religion at what is now called Kingswood university (when I gradated it was call bethany bible college but I am over that now pretentious as it may still sound to me.) I got my MA in Theological Studies at Asbury Seminary. which is where I also met my amazing Husband who let me have is kick ass name. Seriously what competition am I going to have on the library shelf with a name like Sigountos? I Currently live in Kentucky where I slave away writing (or at least pretend to slave away) and play with lasers at my day job (if only it was really that cool.)

which brings me to my blog. It all started in 2005. -wait that is Wednesday's topic- Let's just say that I just wanted it to be this place where I talked about a bunch of eclectic topics. like religion, theology, popular culture, writing, books, fantasy, science fiction, history, church history...there is a ton of things I have blog about. and I kind of like it that way. I don't know if it is a good thing but every time i try to stream line what I post about I end up wanting to blog about something else. 

well hmmmmmm....what else should I tell you. oh yeah, I write Fantasy! So long as it comes straight from the world of imagination and is just past the possible I write it. Don't think that means that I am into paranormal romance (nothing against you guys who write it) but that is not the kind of stuff I right. I have two WIP that I am trying to work on and a third one I am bring out to see what happends, but a brief tag line for each is: 
Ashes on Snowflakes- an urban fantasy where the local demon hunters find out that someone is out to free the world ending Vampire queen from her tomb and prison. 

The Rescue- A fantasy set in a very different setting where our heroine (Thea) must help a friend rescue his sister and keep a group of mercs from killing eachother just long enough to rescue the damsel in distrast. 

the new one which doesn't have a title is a collection of short(ish) stories that take place in a generic fantasy setting. 

So I think that is all. No Wait I forgot to tell you all how to stock me through the wonderful socal media stuff. right well: 
On Facebook you can like my author page: Gloria Anne Cole Sigountos
On Twitter you can follow me as @GloriaSigountos
I'm on Good reads as Gloria Sigountos but i don't have an author page. 
other then that I'm  Glorificus on Ravelry if you are crafty and I am on My Middle Earth as Glorificus oh and I am on Pottermore as KnightDawn16326. 

I think that is it for today so till next time May God Speed your journey and may you always find open roads. 

(PS: look here are all the other awesome people doing this thing check them out!)


Verity Linden said...

There are indeed many awesome people in this here blogfest, I'm working my way around ;)

Ashes on Snowflakes sounds interesting. How far in are you?

Alleged Author said...

So lovely to meet you! I always end up blogging about something else. I love a good tangent! Following you. :)

Alleged Author said...

Or, actually, I would love to follow you but don't see a link/friends. How do I follow you????

Gloria Sigountos said...

Just for you alleged Author I have added the gadget. probably should have had it up years ago. oh well.

Alleged Author said...

HA! Thank you so much. Following now. :)

Jade Hart said...

Nice to meet you - newest follower. And love the sound of your MS's :) Love writing. It's the best

Deshipley said...

Yay, fantasy! "Just past the possible" is exactly where the party is, as far as I'm concerned. (:
See you around the blog hop!

Gloria Sigountos said...

Hey guys thanks for stopping by I am really looking forward to this little blogfest. Verity, I am working my way through the second act of Ashes.

Courtney Worth Young said...

Hi Gloria! It is very nice to meet you. Ashes on Snowflakes sounds very interested. I also write Fantasy. I am looking forward to learning more about you! Thanks for joining our blogfest! YAY!

Ink in the Book said...

I love the title, Ashes on Snowflakes:)
And I am from Kentucky. I love there, but for the summer, I'm up in North Dakota.
Nice to meet you and I think I may be your newest follower, for no anyway!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogfest! You have some really interesting story ideas and a cool name, lol. That will definitely help your google ranking :)

Tonya Kuper said...

You have some cool plot lines! And what ethnicity is your/your husband's last name? Greek? It really is bad ass! Great to "meet" you!