Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adoption One Piece at a Time

Today I want to talk about something I think is just plan awesome. I'd like you to meet the Brannon family. And their amazing story. They are a family of five who are hoping and praying for one more to be added to their family. they plan to adopt a little girl. they have two sons who are their natural born sons and they have already adopted once. a little girl from Rwanda.

Aren't they a great looking bunch? the problem is that adoption is expensive. So to help them under write the cost of bringing a new little baby to their family they have set up a fundraiser.

What they have done is made a special Puzzel that I just love, and are asking their friends and family and friends of friends to sponsor a piece of this puzzle. the asking donation is Ten dollars a piece. each piece will have the name of the sponsor written on it. what they plan to do is frame it with glass on both sides. So that their little girl will be able to see the names of all the people who helped bring her to her new home.

Okay now just think about that a minuet. we all know that there are hundreds of kids out there right now who don't have homes. Babies who are not wanted, here is a way to help one child not become another statistic. and it is something that we can do and see the result. I am just amazed at the initiative that this family has taken. it is crowd funding a charity. Go look at their video, read their blog, and give. If you have a heart of adoption or the care of orphans check it out.

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