Friday, August 17, 2012

I am Free

today was my last day at my job. I worked for a company called Brass Reminders. I ran the machines that makes silicon bracelets, and I am so happy to be done. to know that I am not going back there ever again! I have never hated a job like I hated working there. the monotony of it all. when I started I was making Auto Decal stickers. Not designing but making the product ready for packaging, or packaging.

Most of the people I worked with were college kids, and most of them were pretty cool, even though they liked to remind me how old I was. there was one who was a JaSeRBee and most of the guys there just wanted to goof around. there were a few others including the boss's father. when it came down to it the people weren't bad it just got old listening to them talk about the same thing over and over and over and over again.

the real problem was not that the job was Monotonous, it was that the job was pretty much pointless. most days (and this was why I stopped listing to the History of Philosophy Pod cast) I contemplated my own complete and utter insignificance. the product we made was pretty much nice looking garbage.

but the other thing that got to me was how much my manager would micromanage everything. She was always hoovering, not trusting anyone to do their jobs. the other thing was she would get stressed over things that weren't worth stressing. then of course in her stress she would try to get people working faster which always did nothing but make me frustrated.

But the last thing, the thing that finely brought me to the point where I had to give my two weeks notice and leave whether or not I had a new job, my boss treated me like I was an ignorant loser. Sometimes I would need help, he would come in and wonder why I couldn't have done it myself. He would help me in a condescending way that was always belittling.

But now I have closed the door on that part of my life, now there is nothing left but to move on to what ever God has for me. Right now it is a new and exciting adventure hopefully it wont result in panic attacks or anxiety.

any way till next time God speed and Open roads.

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