Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From the Art Desk

This story starts back a few weeks ago. See the Spare Room (sadly not one with a wardrobe) was to be our office/guest room. At different points in the last year and a half it has or has not preformed that function. See the spare room also functioned as a storage for the things we have not unpacked yet. Some days the room was usable other times (most the time) it wasn't. it is the room where my art desk is and it was really frustrating to not beable to concentrate in the room or even get to my desk. then my very good friend Jeanette came to help me make the room usable as a guest room because my parants were on their way to stay for a week. In cleaning up the room we also made the room usable again. And with my current state of unemployment I have time and energy to work on my art desk. one of the main projects is an Icon my pastor asked me to do.

I've been working on this bugger for a long time. much longer then I thought I would be working on it. But I am very happy to show the progress I have made. See this is the first layer, and all that it is missing are the five figures at the bottom of the cross. Now that I am almost done with the proportions I will move on to putting flesh on the Stick-figure skeletons. It is a long process but I hope it will be worth it. It definitely represents a large amount of work. 

Here is the strange thing though, I seem to work best when I have project runway playing in the background.  Oh well. 

Till next time God Speed and Open Roads. 

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