Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing worlds into being

This week I had to do some organising of my art supplies. Hidden among them were all kinds of sketches. sketches mostly from college or my internship. Some of them from when I lived in Bismark. What surprised me the most was that they didn't look half bad. most of these sketches come from story ideas I have had. I had forgotten most of them yet here they were to remind me of the worlds I fashioned in my head. Some as illustrations some as just drawing out what was in my mind. Here are some of them:
 This Dancing girl was going to be a queen in disguise. A pirate queen, because well I've tried several different pirate story lines. this one had the pirates as a loosely organized trading kingdom.

 This is Cabrea, It was from my second High fantasy low magic world. It was a world that was steeped in ethnocentrism and most people were Xenophobic. This city was walled to keep out undesirables.
This one is from the same world. as the previous picture. It is of a Dryad who was waken from her winter's sleep by an abandoned child. She then took the child back to the tree with her to share her sleep. this would cause the child to have curtain magical abilities.
These two were the characters of my first romance. It ended in tragedy for some reason when I write romance it almost always ends in tragedy. He was killed by an arrow then she went on a rampage of revenge. 

This character was an elf who was born under the eclipse of the two moons. this omen frightened her village and she was cast out.
The story with this picture was a story of escape. in the end she made it with the help of the pirates of my second attempt at a pirate story. These were sky pirates. In this story this character ran to the edge of the world and jumped off the edge. She only survived because she happened to jump just as the pirate ship flew by. 
 This Drawing was an experiment. in my project which was called the Utopian Chronicles I'm currently trying to think of a new name, which would represent how much the project has changed. I wanted to be able to do things for future fans like make little drawings that could be used for promotional ideas. This one was to be a Christmas card. I drawing of the character as a child on Christmas.
I like worlds that are vastly different then our own. Flat worlds, worlds with universes which have a different organizations. worlds where the continents float in the air. This was one of them. 

And now for a small diversion here is a minuet of cuteness: 


Morgan said...

Oh my gosh! I looooove the dancer one... you're very talented, Gloria! <3

Gloria Sigountos said...

Thanks Morgan