Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adventures of being Unemployed

So I have now not been to work of over a week and it has been fun let me tell you. between the filling out of paper work to become a substitute teacher and having a leaky water heater it has been fun.

So where to start, well Let's start with the fact that my car is currently enjoying it's third stay at the mechanic's. I drove to Lexington to drop of my application to Substitute teach at Lexington Christian Academy, suddenly my car started started to smoke. my first thought was "nonononononononono!" I opened the hood and the coolant was boiling over. this fun adventure ended with my car headed to the mechanic on the back of a tow truck. (this is the 2nd time this year my car has been towed!)

Now on to the water heater, this is the big thing that led to all kinds of other things. Our utility closet is a mess. the dryer doesn't really fit, in fact we had to lift it up on top of the washer to get it in. and when we dropped it into place it kind of hovered for a minuet or too. it is wedged between the washer the water heater and the wall. So when the plumber came out to take a look at things he told me that the land lord wanted to change the water heater from gas to electric. I instantly realized that this meant they were going to have to move the dryer. the crazy thing? the plumber is also a wizard. I don't know how he got the dryer out and back in by himself. Sadly now our dryer is making a scary noise and we don't know how to fix that.

however because the gas water heater was replaced by an electric one that meant that the electrician had to come out. and change the wiring. while he was running wire under neigh the house he found this:

these three little kittens have purred their way into my heart. I love them, but here is a video about them:
(Just a small correction I say lost my job but I quiet my job.)
and another for fun:

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