Friday, May 03, 2013

IWSG: May Edition

This is going to be one of those not so fun and kinda whinny posts. Sorry for those who come to my site who aren't fromt he writing community but I may be in disparate need of some cheese.

My Insecure Writing confession today is that I think a lot about quitting. at least lately. it isn't because I don't have great story ideas, it isn't because I need a push of encouragement, I'm not even sure what it is really. I've felt this way of and on again ever sense the vacation that I will not talk about. My one friend gave me a kick in the pants a couple of months ago and every thing was going good, I was even making head way with the whole A-Z challenge. Then? Well then my tablet broke. First it got wet so the backspace key stopped working, and then I dropped it and the screen broke. My husband says he can fix it, and I believe him. But I am now without a computer that I can use anywhere and any time.

obviously I have a computer. but it is set up with a standing desk that I don't mind editing from but I don't really like writing from. See I told you please someone pass some cheese to go with my wine.

so what is the answer? what do I do to get out of this rut. I don't have an answer. I really don't. I was trying to write long hand but it doesn't really seem to be working. I used to love writing like that. (course maybe now that I have started using this really nice notebook that was given to me so I feel not so great about using it because it will be full of mistakes. yeah it sounds silly to me too.)

anyway, sorry people at IWSG, I don't have a pick me up at the end of this just a sad exposure of my own insecurities. till next time God speed and open roads.


Charmaine Clancy said...

You know, I hear this a fair bit after A-Z, it's like likening an enjoyment of running to entering a marathon. It's quite an accomplishment but can take the joy from the activity.
I don't do A-Z because I always feel I've used up to much energy for little results. It's a great challenge, but really isn't for everyone. Give yourself a break to recover and then get back to writing for enjoyment. Little snippets in the morning or before bed. Just write whatever comes to mind without the pressure of an audience and rediscover your passion for the craft.

randi lee said...

You don't always need to have a pick-me-up and that's what is great about IWSG. I'm sorry to hear that you're in such a rut. I just came out of one, myself. I hadn't written in at least a month and was close to giving up myself. Then I took a last minute road trip and suddenly the floodgates open! Your remedy will find you...just keep your eyes open for it :)

Shell Flower said...

I totally hear you on all this. I have had thoughts of quitting lately, too. All the time I would have, yet then what? If you have something else to keep your passions fed, then go for it. Writing will either take back over, or not. I'm trying to write for my own enjoyment again, instead of hoping to get published and it helps.

The Wicked Writer said...

Not that winey really, when our fave method of writing gets taken away from us, even for the shortest period of time, it can be rather upsetting. We're used to doing things one way and it can be difficult to find another. Keep going, and don't worry about the notebook, just think, once you're finished, you can go pick another beautiful book to fill, or do what I do, get a nice binder (hard backed), fill with pages from a nice refill A4 pad and of luck.