Monday, May 20, 2013

Tired so Tired

I really didn't believe my friend when she talked about how tired being pregnant made her. Now I know, it is really tiring creating a new human being. Seriously  I've taken 2 naps today and I may have to take a third.

In other news baby Mog has dinged again:

and I have been sicker this week then any other week so far in my pregnancy. In fact I even got a cold this week, and then gave it to my husband. being sick while pregnant is the worst. Lets see, anything else to report on for my weekly update, I am still mostly jobless. I mean My writing has picked up some this past week. and Pampered chef is still there but I haven't really done much with that the last couple of weeks. at home businesses are a lot of work. and you get out what you put in, well we will see what happens. 

till next time God speed and Open roads. 

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