Wednesday, May 22, 2013

writer's confession

So lately on Facebook I have been lamenting my lake of studies. by that I mean that I frankly miss school, I miss classes and papers and lectures and research and everything. See 3 years ago I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theological Studies. Before I met and fell in love with my husband I was planning on going off to PhD land (My dream was to go to Notre Dame) study Christian history focusing on the middle ages (about 500 AD to 1517) then I was going to write about church history and teach church history and help students keep from getting lost the vast maze of church history. (I think I said church history too many times.)

while I love writing fiction and that is the main passion of my life, I feel sad that this other passion has wained. or rather been neglected. So I have a confession to make. Do to the wonderfulness that is writers branding I have a second personality on the internet. It is a secret personality that I created so I could have anonymity online a place where I could talk freely about things. well I've decided that I need that personality for something else.

it has become clear to me that though I do love writing fiction I want to write non fiction too. and as much as I would love to have my real name on both of these it will be hard to establish a brand that is both Fantasy writer and theologian. (yes I know C.S. Lewis did it that one that was a different time and publishers are very interested in branding authors these days) So one of them needs a nom de plume. I don't really care if people know that I am writing under two names. Which is why I'm letting people know here that yep I have a second identify. She has her own twitter and her own blog. Hopefully this doesn't cause problems with my credentials being under my real name- or rather my maiden name.

Oh I guess you all want to know who it is? my pen name is Georgianna R. Stricker, the blog is Georgi Writes there isn't much there yet, but I will start posting there on saturdays. maybe only twice a month for starts till I can get the research done and really start doing what I want to do with the site.

any way that is my confession, what are your thoughts on pen names?

as always God speed and open roads

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