Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Synopsis: Witchborn

My current WIP is called Witchborn. Originally I was going to write it a s a series of short novella's, that may or may not change. If it doesn't I have finished the first one Coming Home and working on the second one Coming About. (part three is Coming Out and part four is Becoming)
Closest Image I could find for the feel of the
Here is the current synopsis of the story: 

Cossette Witchborn is the natural daughter of Lord Tiberius Card, and accident of fate. After her mother was burned at the stake for consorting with demons Cossette found herself at the mercy of her father's high profile noble family. She was quickly hidden away and fostered by a distant relative  that was ten years ago. 

When tragedy strikes Cossette finds herself once more a member of her father's household, but now as a grown woman the elders of the family attempt to find a use for her to advance their own political entanglements. Thus forcing her to play a game she was never prepared to play. 

Lord Tiberius attempts to fix the broken relationship between the two of them, while protecting her from the political intrigue of  the family and from his wife and legitimate children who view Cossette as a rivel both for their father's affection and wealth.  

In the Courtier's game there are kings and pawns, which Cossette will be is yet to be decided. 

It's a rough synopsis, but I think it portrays what I want the story to be about. 

But it does have a theme song: 

What do you think? constructive criticism and questions are welcome. 

Till next time God Speed and open roads

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