Friday, May 31, 2013

Hope Restored

(so remember how I was trying to do that a-z challenge well I'm still writing it cause it is fun and I hope you still enjoy it.)


"Cynthia," said a soft voice, "Cynthia, wake up,. There isn't much time."

Cindy Opened her eyes. The fire cracked in the fire place and her small dungeon was full of light. beside her stood a beautiful women dressed in blue, she glittered. "who are you?"

The women smiled, "I'm your fairy God mother."

Cindy pushed herself to a seated position and rubbed away the dried tears. "Why haven't i seen you before?"

"You have." She offered cindy her hand and helped the girl to stand. "After your mother died and your father married that horrible women I had no choice but to disguise myself in the shape of a dove."

"You're the dove? But she..."

The fairy nodded, "And your tears aloud me to take my true form again." She walked around Cindy and shook her head, "Now we've got quite a lot of work to do. we can't have you showing up at the wedding like this."


"Prince Charles's wedding tomorrow we are going to crash it." The Fairy said.

"Charles is getting married?" Tears filled cindy's eyes.

"Oh child you weren't told?" The fairy put her hand on the girl's cheek, "Do not despair dear, there is still time to set things right."

Cindy took a deep and wiped her eyes, "Okay, what do we do then?"

the fairy smiled mischievously.

Next I is For Invida 
(My hope is to post a piece of this every friday.  I hope you all still in joy it even if it isn't really Part of the A-Z challenge.)

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