Monday, July 08, 2013

18 weeks

little Mog is now the size of a Sweet Potato. the last couple weeks have been good. I am sleeping more, sick less, and I have more energy. Oh and I think I have felt little mog move, which is pretty cool. I also spent saturday afternoon with a friend getting my baby registry put together. there is so much stuff in the for babies. Not only like categories of stuff but also multiple types of the same thing. I mean how many different types of pacifiers are there. and then there are cribs, or pack and plays, or moses baskets or bassinets. so many things.

the other fun thing going threw my mind these days is figuring out where the baby will go when it gets here. of course it will probably sleep in our bedroom for a while but after that it is going to take some fun rearguing to make our curent place work for such things.

on the other hand I am starting to be a little insecure about other things that are not exactly in my control. the job hunt is going well and hopefully soon that area of my life with calm down, and things will become more stable. and once things become more stable maybe I will get back to posting about more then just baby stuff.

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