Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Writing Goals

For those of you who haven't heard July is a time for camp nano. but things are different at camp then they are during November for the official NaNoWriMo. during camp you can officially make your rule breaking goals.  for example maybe you don't need a push two write 50,000 words, maybe you need a different goal.

My goal during camp is to simply write everyday. I can write anywhere from 250-1,667 new words. now at the end of the month i would love to look back and see that I wrote 50,000 new words and finished a novel, but really I will be very happy if I can look back at the magic spread sheet and see that I have not missed one day of writing.

to those participating in Pitchmas best of luck maybe next year I will be able to join you. Also I was wondering how many of you readers are participating in camp nano? and if you are what are your goals?

till next time God Speed and Open Roads.


Morgan said...

Oooo... so awesome you're doing this, Gloria. HUGE props to you. And love your goals. It really is just about writing every day. This inspires me to try and break out of my funk I'm in right now ;-)

Gloria Sigountos said...

thanks Morgan!