Friday, July 12, 2013

J is for Jaws

(I haven 't forgotten, just lazy)

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"Scarlet no!" yelled Hunter from the tree he dangled from.

the moon was out and it's silver light was covered by a passing cloud. a snarl was heard and when the moon light shone once more Urgar no longer saw a simple girl before him. his eyes when wide with terror as a large wolf jumped at him. Jaws snapped down on his arm and shook his small body about.
Urgar shoot eldratch magic at the wolf and there was a yelp. the jaws opened and released the little dwarf who ran away.

At that moment more voices were heard "Over here" said one "we have you surounded," said another.

The wolf that was scarlett growled.

Queen invida's men came out of the shadows. some were on horse back and others were on foot. they were armed with swords, spears, crossbows, and tourches. "surrender." said the comander.

Hunter tried to reach his knife but Scarlet was too fast. the moon light glittered off her fangs as she made fast work of the guards. They were all dead or dieing by the time Hunter got himself out fo the tree.

He rushed to the red cloak. Scarlet growled at him and started to prepare to pounce him. just as she jumped he through the red cloak and it caught her int he face.

The magic worked quickly and by the time she hit the grown she was human again.

"Oz." hunter called as he released his companion, "are you okay?"

There was a snort that was followed by a groan, "I didn't know He still had that much power over me." Oz had taken his human form as well.

"Don't worry about that.' hunter passed him a pair of trousers, then turned his focus back to Scarlet,
"Scar? we have to move."

"I know," Scarlet's voice was weak, "I'm ready."
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