Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Knitting: Fun Times

my main concern with my knitting lately is about trying to get my stash down. Partially to try to make more room on the book shelves for other things, and to make room for baby. and Partially to get ride of the massive amount of Acrylic yarn that I have.

Acrylic is fine yarn, I am just sadly becoming more and more of a yarn snob and more and more I am preferring natural fibers. my answer to this is to make toys. Toys are great things to make, first because they can use a lot of yarn, second because they almost always have fun construction. So sunday during game time I cast on the Cute-as-can be Baby Seal found in he winter 2012 issue of Creative Knitting.

this thing is cute and easy! I am almost done with it, I just need to make the little flippers then I can get it sowed together. also I'm making it out of eyelash yarn which means this little guy is going to be crazy fluffy.

Other then that I am as far as I can be on the Shipwreck shawl because I don't have beads yet, but I will hopefully get it done fairly quickly as soon as I have a chance to get the 5,000 beads the pattern calls for.

Sorry I don't have any pictures for you today.

That is all I have to talk about for now. Till next time God Speed, and Open Roads.

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