Friday, July 19, 2013

The King

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It was morning, Lilli woke to the bells ringing back in the town. She couldn't help thinking that the thing with her father had to all have been a dream. that was the only thing that made any sense. Except that there he was standing next to her spinning wheel. "Papa?"

"Lilli, I'm glad to see you've woken. did you sleep well?"

"very well but how?"
The king nodded, "How did I get here?"
Lilli nodded.
"I don't really know. the last few days have been a blur, but I remember searching for your mother's spinning wheel." he looked at the spinning wheele. "Purhaps your mother's magic has passed down to you."He smiled.
She returned the smile with one of her own, "How do we get out?"
Her father held the cord she had spun. "with magic." he said and took from his belt a drop spindle. he attached the spindle to the cord and let it spin, the spindle floated int he air and spun there was a shimmer over the roll of cord. suddenly the cord twisted itself into a rope.
Lilli gapped as she watched the cord. "I don't understand.
the king was still smiling, "You knew your mother had magic when it came to fiber, I have some too. and now that the curse was lifted I can use it again."

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