Monday, July 15, 2013

19 weeks,

So last week baby Mog was the size of a sweet potato, this week he or she is the size of a mango. the thing is I thought sweet potatoes were bigger then Mangos. at least as far as length goes anyway. But you know these things are helpful but not necessarily true.

so mog got bigger, and me? well I'm mostly just weird feeling. like seriously you can feel the muscles moving for the baby to get bigger and stretching. I also haven't been sick in a while. though now that I have said that I will probably be sick in the morning. or you know the curry beef that Greg made could just come up. Wont that be pleasant.

But really Pregnancy hasn't been bad, really. Sure I was sick a lot, and tired a lot, but it's not so bad. Oh and I have the ultra sound this week so we will get to see pictures.

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