Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buccaneer Blog fest week 2 day 2: Character interview

(sorry I'm late this time, couldn't be helped)
Well last time I should you all the first few paragraphs of one of my WIP called The Rescue. Today's prompt is to write out an interview of a character from that story. Now it would seem most for me to interview Noel.  She is the character who showed up in that little excerpt after all. but no I am Going to interview my favorite character from the story Thea.

So here we go:

She sat at an empty table at the dinner, several empty plates before her the remains of her dinner, and ate a slice of Mark's famous pie, she wore common enough cloths which were punchurated by orange hightops, and a lime green trench coat. Her Purple hair was tamed back into a long braid, an uncommon color, most the natives on Kapa Prime had silver hair.

"Excuse me but are you Thea Keziah"
She smiled, "yes."
"are you by chance related to Job Keziah"
"Yeah," she wipes her mouth and leans back in her chair, "He was my dad."
"He was the greatest thief of all time!"
"That's what they say."
"what are you doing here on Kapa Prime?"
"enjoying a piece of pie." then she shrugged, "and well working but I can't really talk about that."
"but aren't you from..."
"Delta Septus?, sure, or at least my mom was, we moved as soon as we got our generational debt canceled."
"How? I mean your family must not have had very much debt."
"oh no, Mum's family was one of the first settlers so her debt when back about 7 generations, and dad's went back at least five."
"but no one pays off their debt."
she smiled again, "well that is what the Elmiant want you to believe. but you know it's not like they make it easy or anything. you know having a star-ship helps."
"Can you tell me about your ship?"
"Sheol is a j13o41b class star ship so his engine can make 330 lo's an hour, I've had him up to to 400 once but that didn't last long. Um he can sail on water, sky, and through the cosmos no problem you know some star-ships have a really hard time with doing much more then taking off and there are some that can't even enter the atmosphere, but Shoel's got two Sails that can manage both the air currents and cosmo currents. I've out run just about everything out there. his forward gate is one of the most percis i've every seen, but then I might just be being bias he is my ship."

"what is the forward gate?"
"that is where the permanent rune gate is on the star ships, you know so you can zip real fast from one place to the next. if the season calls for it."
"you talk about your ship like it's a person."
"have you never been on a starship before? he is a person, a little over protective sometimes but Seriously "Did you think the carving on the main mast was just for show?"
"I guess so. You said you were working here, are you a trader?"
"In some respects, but I think smuggler is the word you are looking for. you looking for someone to help you move some property perhaps?"
"actually I am."
"well you will have to talk to my brother Thom about that, he deals with all the business, I'm just the pilot."

There you have it, an little about Thea, my favorite charecter in this WIP.

till next time God Speed and open roads.

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Shell Flower said...

Thea sounds spunky and cool. I love the idea of the starship, kind of reminds me of Firefly, so yeah, awesome.