Monday, July 16, 2012

Buccaneer Blogfest: week 2 Day 1: First Paragraph

Welcome to another day of the buccaneer Blog fest. now that we have gotten the introductions out of the way it is time to get down with the nitty gritty. the reason why all of us in the blogfest blog we all want to be writers someday. so we are going to start things off with the first bit of my current work in progress (also known as WIP) this little piece is currently called The Rescue and it is about cosmic pirates, kind of. I was lucky enough to workshop this piece with the wonderful people at The Writer's Roundtable Podcast, and the lovely talented Seanan Mcguire. it was an awesome experience and I will be blogging about it after the podcast airs. also if you are a wanta be writer and you are not listening to these guys you should. but enough about that what you want is the story so with out any farther a due: (well besides the banner)

Noel shivered from fear. Sweat crystallized against her ice blue skin in frost, tears bubbled from her eyes and turned to ice and gathered in her lap. In her fear she could not concentrate to control her elemental powers. In her terror all the moister in the air turned to ice and frost. She was having trouble breathing, it came in uneven whimpers.
The door opened and the Director walked in. He looked up at his notes. “why hasn't it been fitted with an inhibitor?” his assistant hurried forward and fastened the collar around her wrist and turned on the computer. Noel shrieked in pain as the device stabbed several wires under her skin. Immediately the room's temperature came back to normal and her sweat and tears melted.
The Director sat at his desk and took his time looking over the papers in the file he had brought in with him. After organizing them the folded his hands and said, “Noel Kahachet, you are charged with treason, theft, and accomplice to murder.”
Noel was too afraid to speak.
“The sentience is of course death.” He leaned back and lit a cigarette. “however, I have in my power the ability to let you got back to your normal life.”
She looked up at him then back at her feet.
“All you have to do is give me the names of the leaders of the Vedleofrom, and the location of their base.”
She looked at him she had started to cry again.
“Come now, your companions have left you to die, I would say you owe them nothing now.”
“I.. I don't kn...know anything.” she whimpered.
The director laughed. “sure you don't.” he looked at his assistant, “Process her.”

And Scene. I hope you liked it tell me what you think then on the 31st give the round table podcast a listen as they delve into the rest of the story and help me turn it into Literary Gold.

Till next time God speed you along Open roads.

(oh and once again please check out the awesome people who are doing the exact same thing today)

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Millie Burns said...

It sounds like an interesting premise for a story. She's a very chilly girl...