Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buccaneer Blogfest: week 3 Day 2

Well guess what? my work schedule has changed, which means I have about fifteen to twenty minuets to write in the morning. and that means this post will be early and on time. So now on with today's post: my favorite authors and why.

Well I have talked about this before. I've already talked about why I love Scott Sigler and Stan Lee and how I really hope that I can be like them as a professional writer. but my favorite author and why? That is so hard to choose.... this is really hard... I guess if I have to choose I will choose....

Frank Edward Peretti

Why? Well Frank Peretti inspired me. He showed me what christian fiction could look like. When I read this Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness I understood the Spiritual World in a new way that helped me understand my own experiences. When I read The Prophet and Tilly my views on certain social issues was shaped differently, understanding the pain surrounding peoples decisions and what it really meant to say that a decision was right or wrong. The Oath opened my eyes to the horror genera for what it was, not a chance to be scared but to see what it was we are afraid of and know that it can be over come. House creeped me out even more. Last but probably most importantly there is his autobiographical work The Wounded Spirit. his transparency about how he was wounded helped me to understand my own wounded spirit. and it was nice to know that an author who inspired me had gone through similar situations and come out on the other side.

that is not to say that i plan to write "christian" Lit. But there is no denying where I come from and how it has informed who I am.

Till Next time God speed and Open roads

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Millie Burns said...

I've never heard of this author, I'll have to check him out. Have a great week.