Monday, July 23, 2012

Buccaneer Blogfest: Week 3 Day 1

Today we answer the question that is as old as the literary world itself. What are you Reading? okay maybe it's not that deep and meaningful of a question. Maybe it is only a question that comes into normal conversations where the participants of the conversation are geeks. (Yes I prefer geek, and I am an unashamed geek) well that seems like a good enough seguay.
 What am I reading. well I have Seven books listed on my goodreads page.
1. Storm of Swords By George R.R. Martin (My husband and I are listing to the audio version)
2. The Colonists by Jack Cavanaugh (well I started it, it is book two in the American Portrait serise which I read back in High school but the library wanted thier book back so I probably wont finish this time.)
3. Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett (this is the book that my husband is reading to me. yes he reads to me while I knit.)
4. The Little House in the Big Woods By Laura Ingalls Wilder (Yes I read this series several times when i was a Kid -including the summer I lived in a tent because we were building our house. after listening to the History Chick talk about Laura Ingalls Wilder during their first season I decided I needed to re-read this one so I am, during bath time. yes I read in the tub, don't judge me!)
5. The Never Ending Story by Michael Ende (This is my very favorite book. I read it about once ever year. this year I decided I would write some commentary on this book on the blog, but that hasn't been going so well. it has really slowed down my reading and well I'm generally lazy so I've only gotten a couple of chapters done. but you can see what I have done here.
6. From Homer to Harry Potter by Matthew T. Dickerson and David O'Hara (this is the only non fiction book on my list right now.)
7. Canterbury tales by Geoffrey Chaucer (I read this book last year, but I didn't finish writing up my thoughts about it so It is still on my list assuming that I go back and finish the series I was writing about it.)

well there you have it my Current reading list. Till next time God Speed and Open Roads

(Ps remeber to check out the other cool people who are a part of this blogfest!)

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Aldrea Alien said...

Aww, that's so sweet that he reads while you knit. I cannot focus on anything else when my other half starts talking (he has to be evicted from the room when I'm writing). ^_^

Men at Arms is one of his fav books, alongside Mort. And, so far, I prefer Hogfather & Carpe Jugulum. Though my current read, The Fifth Elephant, is proving to be a good one.