Monday, July 30, 2012

Buccaneer blogfest week 4 day 1

So after a long day of work (where I am really tired of fighting with those machines. if only i really was fighting with lasers. instead i can't get them to do what they are supposed to do! grr...*squiggly line over my head for frustration*) and applying for two new jobs (fingers crossed) I think to my self there is something i was supposed to do to day. Oh yeah I was supposed to blog about something what was it....
today the subject on the Blogfest is about Social media. well here are my thoughts:

1. Facebook is very helpful and annoying all at the same time. it is great that I can still keep in contact with friends from college, but then I have to put up with the stupid people who are very very loud.

2. twitter is fun. I haven't had any complaints yet. plus it's great to be able to connect with so many wantabe writers (which i mean with all endearment!)

3. I like blogger, if I didn't I would have quite a long time ago.

4. Podcasts and vlogs are something i would love to get in on. (Psst my debut is dropping tomorrow on the Writers Round table Podcast!) but I don't have the time to do one right now.

I think over all my experience with social media has been a positive one. So lets just all have fun together.

till next time God Speed and Open roads.

PS: don't forget to check out all these cool people who are also particpating in the blog fest!)

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Ink in the Book said...

I have blogger. That's it. I should jump into the rest of the social media world....I guess:)