Wednesday, August 15, 2012

World Building Wednesday

(will this become a thing? probably not.)

So while I have been living life outside of this blog I have been thinking a bit about world building. The world I am currently playing in does not work in our universe, and not just cause there is magic. I personally like it that way because I'm a little tired of so much Science showing up in my fantasy. I like science just fine but I like magic more. (like when was the last time you saw voodoo zombies? or you know vampires created by magic not some kind of virus? and why do we feel the need to say hey look Westeros could have a scientific explanation? ) I do like logic though, even if some of that logic is hey magic.

I've actually been thinking of writing this piece more publicly. I already work shopped it in a very public place (Round table podcast) and lets face it the stigma of having parts of your work on the internet is going away (all be it slowly) I won't be giving away anything that is plot related directly, or anything that might be a spoiler, but I like the community aspect of creating. (When I was in art class when ever i would get stuck on something in my project I would walk around and look at what everyone else was doing. I don't think the best art comes from isolation) And I need encouragement from time to time because I'm my own worse critic.

So on to world building. This story (which was originally called the Utopian Chronicles but I think we will just called it Sheol's Ship Log Series) takes place in a medieval cosmology. let me explain (no the world is not flat the western world stopped believing that long before the medieval period started) the medievals believed that the universe was full of life. Each of the visible planets, the sun, and the moon had life on them. Each of them revolved around the Earth the moon being the closest and Saturn being the farthest. My world takes place in that idea of space, out on the worlds which revolve around the Nexis, or hub, or grave of the stars.

So did that wet your appetite? Right now I am trying to think about how thinks like seasons, days, nights, and tides will work. it is fun to play around in this world because lets face it many rules of science have already been broken so I can do what ever I want right? Any way I;d like to hear how you think this kind of world would work out on the basic level.


Ink in the Book said...

I love world building. It can be whatever you want, however you want.Honestly, I hadn't even thought about the seasons, days, nights thing. So now I have something to think about and work on just as soon as I finish what I am working on right now. Which, by the way, will fit like a puzzle piece because I am building my MC's ordinary world right now:)

JgAbaba said...

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