Tuesday, August 09, 2011

From The Art Desk 1

This month i have not been doing so well on keeping up with my art. Partualy because well the room my art desk is in is a bit of a mess: 
My art desk....

But because this is the first time I am talking about my art work I do have quite a few sketches to share, all are works in progress. 

The San Damiano Cross: I have been talking about this project for a while now. it had been very difficult and I am not very far. some times I wonder if it will ever get done. It is a project I was asked to do for my Church St. Aidian's Anglican Church. when it is done it will be the cross that gets processed in during service. but it is a long way from getting done: 

These are some sketches I did during lent: 
Left Hand

Right Hand

And this is the sketch I am currently working with. I decided that instead of trying to do each individual figure I would go back to my art lessons and start with stick figures to figuring out where each figure would go, once that is done I will start to flesh everything out. it worked really well the last time I was working on it and I now feel like I might be getting something done!
San Damiano's Cross
The San Damiano Cross is a very special project, not just because it is for my church. There are a couple of reasons that I am some times hesitant to approach it. first the cross has over 30 figures on it, that is a bit over whelming but I am happy for the challenge. Second this is an Icon, which means by painting it i am joining a tradition that goes back hundreds of years of monks carefully painting images which would turn people's attention worship. the Orthodox church believe that the act of looking at and pondering an Icon is an act of worship. Third this is a resurrection cross. if you will notice (though I know it is hard to see because of the poor quality of pictures) the hands and feet are not nailed to the cross, also blood is flowing from the wounds. this is because Jesus has been resurrected and his blood flows forth because he is alive. it is really cool. I hope to do something neat with these sketches of his hands. 

Fantasy drawing: 
I have really been wanting to do more figure drawing... as if the 30 some figures in the San Damiano cross isn't enough figures and faces... and the figures that I want to draw are fantasy creatures, you know dwarves, elves, minotaurs, you know fun stuff like that. right now this is the sketch I have going:

Water Soul Genasi
 This sketch is of an elemental creature called a genasi. Particularly what is called a water soul meaning that they have abilities tied to water. Maybe by next month I will have it colored.

that is all that is on my art desk this month till next time.

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