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Leviathan Chronicles-Do your homework

Today I am breaking with my traditional way of posting. I came across this podcast earlier this week. I had heard it promoted on different podcast I listen to so I thought i would give it a try. I will not be finishing this one. My friend Darcy (who is the page traveler) asked me if I prefered books that were predictable or books that surprised me. I said if I can predict how the big revel of a story then i feel like the author is insulting my intelligence. Well this Audio Drama did just that.

This story is a Science fiction set in modern time. there is a secret society that is immortal and the premiere scientists of all time. I thought the story good, characters were fine well developed, and hey who doesn't love a thriller about secret societies? well then we got to the point where they were explaining everything. How Leviathan got its start, who they became immortal. it all happened in the 11th century.

and that was where they made their secondary creation fail.

the story goes back and begins to tell what happened in the 11th century and proceed to prove that they have no idea what the 11th century was like.

The author claims that England was a power house. It had a navy and was exploring the world in hopes of Setting up colonies.
England wasn't even fully the England that we know to day. Edward the confessor was on the throne and while he had money it was tied up in the southern earldoms. The earls actually had quite a bit of power, and the Danes were still a real threat to the small kingdom. it wasn't at peace and it was in no place to be giving aid to any country or tribe or anything. in fact the very year in question 1043 he had to deal with his mother and the power she thought she was entitled to. The small navy they had was made up of foreign ships. he never built a power house nor did he inherit one. by the end of his reign the state of the english crown was streingthend but England would not become significant on the large scale till the reign of Elizabeth the First.

This section of the story takes place in Norway. it pants Norway as pre christian and a network of tribes.Problem is that King Olaf (the Patron Saint of Norway) had already made Norway Christian.

Then there is the misunderstanding of the Roman Church always having been what it was in the 16th century.

But then the writer desides to have his pre-modern charectors you modern phrases like  "jolly old England" or Egalitarian.

and lastly he forgets that history calls this time a "time of Faith." people didn't just nod to the gods they really believed that God was their only hope of a future. the time was dark, people died horribly all the time. Yet the author gives the Problem of Evil as a flippant reason why his pre-modern Character is an Atheist? the problem of evil wasn't a problem for the Medieval people, because they new that life was about suffering. they didn't think that about why an all loving God would let bad things happened. they understood that bad things happened because the world was fallen and corrupted. maybe they also understood that Satan and the demons who had been worshiped by the pagans were more then just goofy pictures, they were understood as real forces. So to have these to characters in an era when the world view answered everything by faith be so anti-faith is ridiculous.

Sorry for the Rant but i just really hate it when people don't do their research.

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Jashae Slaughter said...

I happen to fall across your blog because I was having some of the same thoughts and emotions that you have about this part of the show. I felt like there are some parts where facts like they're being spoon fed to me, rather then simply acted out. It is also exceptionally difficult, as a Christian, to listen to such anti-christian, pagan/naturalist worldview rhetoric pumping out of the mouths of characters (who are held in such high regard by the author), especially when contrasted with a general smile-and-nod toward opposing wiccan & feminist views.

Whether you're a Roman Catholic or a Protestant, I think that we can all agree that there was a great time of darkness and pain due to the church-state of that time. jesus never intended the church for to be a religio-political monster. People will continually hold that over our heads (as if we were the actual perpetrators), for the rest of eternity, because it's an easy cop out. the Church of that time was truly the whore of Babylon, and I fully resent the actions taken during those days, both as a Christian, & a humanitarian.

What I'm trying to say is that I completely agree with your rant.

However, if there are any other people who are looking to be affirmed in their disgust of this section of the show, and they happen to fall across your blog, I can only pray that they have the good sense to read past your horrible grammar.

I can only assume that you're using voice-to-text technology that is similar to what I am using right now, but without edit. Atheists love to make fun of people's horrible grammar when discussing religious thought. they like to think of us as non thinking dolts and idiots, incapable of reason, and I think that this article gives them a pretty good amount of jokes to throw our way.

I think that it's ridiculously petty, but please know that it is the best way to remove all credibility from anything that you write on the Internet, as far as atheist skeptics are concerned. I think that a rewrite would greatly boost the credibility of this post, as you obviously have more historical knowledge than the author of Leviathan Chronicles.

(iron sharpens iron)