Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Mormonism: Understanding the Map

I promise to tread lightly here, but if I am going to about my spiritual journey with any honesty I can not leave it out.

My father is a former Mormon. he never was very active and never been opposed to the religion. His family is very Mormon. almost all of his brothers and sisters went on their mission, and almost all of my cousins who have come to that age have gone on missions. all who are of age (with the exception of one sister's family) have their temple recommend and have been married in the temple.

This causes every once in a while some fun things to happen at family gatherings. (not incredible often my dad's family is made up of some of the most loving people I have ever known.) but the truth of the matter is that because my mom had done lots of reseach on this religion and shared it with my dad they did not want me to become mormon. So from a very early age I started to learn the orthodox teachings and understandings of the Church. I learned that sometimes people are lead away from the true teachings of the church and what beliefs of the Church are not negotiable. it is probably one of the reasons I have gotten two degrees in religion. (BA in Religion, and MA in Theological Studies.) and without this desire to study and learn what is the orthodox and catholic faith I probably would not have come into contact with events that have fathered my path to a high liturgical church.

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