Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Journey: Some Definitions

I realized today while I was writing my post that I should probably take the time to explain some of the terms I am going to be using and maybe list some abbreviations. I know that this should have been done at the beginning but oops.

catholic: the church universal. and unless specified this means all those who are Christians wither they are past present or future.

The Church: The body of saints who stretch both back into the past and on into the future, strong and mighty as an army.

orthodox: the correct teaching preserved for us to the present day by the work and blood of the saints and martyrs.

Roman Catholic Church (RCC): the part of The Church which looks to Rome and the pope for leadership.

Eastern Orthodox Church (EOC): The part of The Church which follows a form of liturgy from the 4th century.

The Protestant Church (PC): The part of The Church which was created through the multiple reformations.

High Liturgy: those liturgies which include set parts for the congregation and the officiant (priest) to say and do. generally has as its focus the communion or mass rather then a sermon. generally found in (but not exclusive to) the Eastern Orthodox Church, The Roman Catholic Church, The Anglican Church. the big difference between high and low liturgy is the age of the liturgy, and the importance of the sermon.

Low Liturgy: Those liturgies which have less for the congregation to participate in and have at the center of the service the sermon. Baptists, Wesleyan, Methodists, Congregationalist, Megachurches, ect.

Next week I will continue my thoughts on my journey to a high liturgical church.

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