Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today, well this is the last Tuesday of the month. and this month had five Tuesdays. I only planed topics for three of those Tuesdays forgetting that there would be more So today there is no plan no purpose guiding this post.

There are a couple of random thoughts that have been digesting in my head. Just random hey I want to explore that but I don't know if I have the time. or if I want to talk about it on a blog because well sometimes I must admit it seems like blogs are a place where everyone is talking but saying very little. But any way.

First I am making some changes to the Coffee Table Book Discussions. I decided to give The Canterbury Tales another look over and decided to take a more academic approach to the tales. I will be looking at each tale individually and look at what is Chaucer saying, and what does this tell us about humanity in general, and just my thoughts on the tale. I have a different idea of things that are going to change here, but I am not sure how they will be implemented.

Second I have been thinking a lot lately about Harry Potter. probably because of the resent release of the last movie. my wonder is does Harry Potter worthy of academic inquiry? it is definitively a popular, but will it be one of those books that continues past the life of its popular audience and its author? Should it be placed on the Shelf next to Tolkien, Lovecraft, MacDonald, The Grim Brothers, The wife of Bath,Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, or Beowulf? Does it insight our thoughts about the great tree (as Tolkien would say) and on to theworld beyond? or is it a popular piece of literature which seems phenomenal but given time it will go the same way as the Tarzan books. I ask these question because Corey Olsen The Tolkien Professor commented resently that Harry potter was not worthy of such inquirer and told those who disagree with him to prove him wrong. I don't want to prove him wrong per say, but i am curious about what the answers really are. Thoughts?

Third I miss school, I miss having a reason and a guide to study, Particularly Church history. Right now I am very curious about some of the ancient legends of the church. Such as the story about how St. Mary the Magdalene was telling the Caesar about Christ and he said Christ could not have risen any more then an egg could turn red. and Mary held up an egg and said Christ is risen and it turned red. legends like that about the first hundred years. look at how far back we can trace them and what is the likely hood of them being true.

 So if I were to add a new Series on this blog which would you like to see? Inquiry into Harry Potter, or searching the ancient legends of Christianity?

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