Monday, August 08, 2011

Simple women's Day book 10

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Outside my window... Dawn Shining through rain spotted windows

I am nice it is that the rain cools everything down.

I am thankful... A husband who knows when to make me stop to rest.

In the kitchen...Air popped Popcorn!

I am wearing...My favorite PINK sweats. ironically now that I am blogging in the morning I seem to always be wearing my favorite PJ which my sister megs gave me. 

I am creating...I have almost finished The Elephante toy just need to put on the eyes. and I'm still working on my Christmas gift list. and I have finished the back ground work that needs to be done for writing act one, now i just need to flesh out the outline that I have already done of the the Act. 

I am going... Grocery Shopping! Fund times. 

I am wondering...If what I will eat today for lunch. 

I am reading... the Simarilian by Tolkien, and the Starter by Scott Sigler. (wow that is a lot of s's) I finished the Anead, and haven't thought of what i want to start looking at next. 

I am hoping... to get started on thank-you cards, 

I am looking forward to...a good might's sleep

I am hearing... The Daily Audio bible.

One of my favorite things...Cuddly blankets. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: we are going to a wedding this weekend in AL!

A picture I feel like sharing...

I love Fires!

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