Wednesday, January 04, 2012


In the year 2012 I have decided that it is once again time to up date and make a few changes to my blog. My reason for blogging has changed and the type of stuff I want to blog a bout has changed. It used to be that this was a place for me to basically keep a journal, then it was a place to share some of my ideas on life love and other mysteries.  Now things have changed again.

I'm not in school anymore which yippee I don't have to deal with the crap that goes with having to write papers, read books, take tests. but I often feel a sense of longing for assigned readings and papers. I miss writing essays and having someone care about the quality of my papers.

This last fall I thought about making this blog take the place of my more academic pursuits. Some times it worked some times it didn't. Right now I hope to make that work more then not.

As you can see I am updating the look of the blog, trying to make it look like it has 'grown' up a little. I have decided that one of the things I am passionate about is literature and so the blog is going to take a very different feel, focusing on this love. Some of the topics that I really enjoy are going to stay. I will still be participating in Thankful Thursdays, and The Simple Women's Daybook. I also will keep Tuesdays as my Crafty updates, but Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (crossing my fingers so I don't jinks myself) will now be for my thoughts and discussions of literature. -Monday the 9th should have up the long awaited Wife of Bath up.

Monday I will discuss different books that I am reading for fun and have random thoughts about, this series has been called Coffee Table Book Discussions but I have changed this to Coffee Shop Melodies. Wednesday and Friday will be for my twice weekly Commentary on Fantasy Books which is going to be called Fantasy Ballads. -beginning with the Never Ending Story.

all this said there will be times when randomness happens, and I put up a post that doesn't fall under any of these categories so I may break off for something else, and I will be taking time off of the blog if I go on a trip and there will be regular brakes, for example I will be taking time off around Christmas and most likely during holy week.

So there is the weekly line up for the blog but you may have noticed some other changes. the tabs under the the title. Jazzy Creations this is where anything goes that is connected to my Knitting, Writing, or Drawing. My Song was at one time called My Journey, Coffee Shop Melodies is where you will find what was Coffee table book discussions, and Fantasy Ballads is where my new series will be collected.

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