Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simple Women's Daybook 2

FOR TODAY January 21, 2012

Outside my window...Dreary wintry day with no snow and green grass it looks like the part of spring that i most hate, or the part of fall that I most hate, that in between season time when it is not spring, not fall, not winter and not summer. (though the time between fall summer and spring is not as recognizable as the time between fall winter and spring.)

I am thinking... about all the things I have to do today. you kn ow like balance the check book clean house, write draw, many things.

I am thankful... Ballet class (even though it kicks my butt), Blogging friends, French toast, Comics, and friends and family. 

In the kitchen... French toast, eggs, a new recipe for Butterscotch Cookies, and the *sniff* last of the holiday creamers for coffee. it wont be till thanksgiving that the good coffees show back up. *tear*

I am wearing... Pajamas, what? just because it is almost 1:00 doesn't mean that I should be up bright eyed and Bushy tailed. Saturdays are for sleeping in! don't judge me!

I am creating... Lots and lots of stuff, I'll talk about the knitting stuff latter this week, and I am working on those three stories that i talked about back two weeks ago. I think i might be getting somewhere with the Alchemist's Daughters. Not sure yet though.

I am going... No where today, hopefully for a walk latter this afternoon. I like walks. 

I am wondering... whether or not to watch Saturday morning cartoons, I have Netflix and a lot of the cartoons i watched in college are on there, maybe i am just feeling nostalgic, or I have been listening to too many comic pod casts. 

I am reading...1. The Neverending story, 2. The Inheratance (I need to finish this today because It has to go back to the library) 3. Simarillion (two chapters left!!!! just have the fall of Numanor and the war of the rings! So excited!) 4. The Canterbury Tales, 5. Eric - Greg and I have taken a brake from Interesting Times to read Eric,- 6. From Homer to Harry Potter (this one is one the back burner) 7. The All Pro. 

I am hoping... to get all next weeks posts written today... yeah I know I'm crazy but I can dream right?

I am looking forward to... Sharon's 31 party, I have never been to one before

I am learning... Not to breath and drink coffee at the same time, it has very embarrassing conciseness. *cough, hack, cough*

Around the house... Stuff, christmas is down and in boxes which need to go out to the shed. 

I am pondering... what I can do to may my book better, and what advise to give my friend to make her book better. 

A favorite quote for today... "Some times you feel like a nut."

One of my favorite things... Christmas flavored creamers. *sniff sniff*

A few plans for the rest of the week: Well I have the 31 party tomorrow, ballet on Wednesday, and game on Friday. not to packed of a week. 

A peek into my day... it is not exciting in anyway, cleaning, writing, organizing, balancing. nope nothing exciting at all. 

You can find more daybooks at Simple Woman's Daybook.

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