Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple women's Daybook 3

FOR TODAY January 28, 2012

Outside my window...The sun is Shining, at least that is something good about this not winter but not yet spring time. but still I am tired of this strange season. 

I am to do list for the day. Like most mornings, particularly on Saturdays, I spend time thinking about what needs to get done, what is happening and what I want to do. I also spent much of my walk thinking and praying for one of my online friends. She is a sweet heart who i think could just use a little extra pray cover. you can read her story here. If you are the praying kind keep her, her husband and her unborn child in your prayers. 

I am thankful...For time spent with friends. we had the Alexanders over for dinner on Thursday and had Daniel and the Sutter's over last night for game night, I still can't believe we had 7 critical hits last night!

In the kitchen... lots of fun stuff happened this week, a new cookie recipe -butterscotch chip had to make a few adjustments but they turned out tasty. Greg did something with chicken in the crock pot. plus some great beef curry. 

I am wearing... Pajamas,yeah, that is how Saturdays work. Even if I did take the time to get dressed to go for a walk. 

I am creating... Finished editing act two of the Alchemist Daughter. and I cast on the first of my Christmas presents. I'm thinking about putting together a box of different knit items for my sisters to pick from. 

I am going... I think I will be going anywhere today, it's going to be a day of staying and getting the house put together. game night left the house a bit of a mess, and the priest is coming by today to bless the house. 

I am wondering...  

I am reading... First off I finished the Inheritance last week. yipee! so my current list is 1. The Neverending story, 2.Simarillion (one chapters left!!!! just have the war of the ring to read and then it is done) 3. The Canterbury Tales, 4. Eric which i am reading with Greg, 5. From Homer to Harry Potter 6. The All Pro. 

I am hoping... to get all next weeks posts written today or at least the Never ending story posts. I hate that i haven't gotten them done, though i might have to crawl back into bed, my body is starting to be mean to me again.

I am looking forward to...Spring coming. 

Around the house... battle mat and minis

I am pondering... what would the world be like if suddenly it became flat. 

A favorite quote for today... "but i though we were getting paid to kill someone what needed killin'"

One of my favorite things... warm baths. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: pretty blah week. I think the St. Adian's girls night might be coming up this week. 

A peek into my day... Much the same as last week.

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