Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On the needles

Awe so there is so much to talk about here. Just got to say, I have had yarn purchases, Needle purchases, gifts, new projects on the needles and even a few finished projects.

Lets start with projects that I have finished: (pictures with captions)

Baby hats  the blue one is for Chalise's new boy
and the rainbow is for Heather's new baby

Dish cloths for Amanda, I finished the
ones for Jordan, and Need to get done
two more for Laura. 
This is my selfish knit
I used a pattern from my stitch dictionary
when the pattern I had picked out
didn't work out so well.
 That means that I am almost caught up with the things I needed to get done. Gifts for the cousins who got married, and two new little babies on the way. So that makes me happy and I can move on to working on other projects. (as if having stuff on the needles ever stopped me from casting on more projects.)

As for new Yarn there is a lot of it. (pictures with captions)
My magpie bye, I love the color
but I have no idea what I will do with it
It's Wool of the Andes Bulky Hand Died Yarn
and the color is called Sweet Shoppe
Any Suggestions?
This is going to end up as the
Morning Velvet Cardigan
it is all Wool of the Andes Tonal
The Really dark one is called Nevermore
The red is called Wine Tasting
The light blue is Blue Violet
and the grey is called Thunderhead
I bought this a while ago but didn't
post anything about it
it will someday be a hoody
it is Swish worsted weight
Bark and Cornmeal
and some other purchases:

My first set of harmony needles from Knitpicks
and a Shawl pin for my very short scarf
and a gift. My mother-in-law gave me this set of interchangeable circle needles that she had bought but didn't like.

Oh my stash has grown...but  there is good news and it is called Stash bust army!!!!

 well not really but this yarn has been in my stash for a long time:

I love this yarn black
and I am going to turn it into this:
Knitty's SkyIsle Cardigan

I don't have a secondary color yet but it will be a while before I get there. I know this yarn was meant to be used for a blanket but i con't get into a black blanket. i hope the person who gave me this yarn wont mind that i have changed the destination of this yarn.

as for my que, well it has grown, Not only am I once again going to try and knit Christmas gifts for everyone in my family. as well as dish cloths for any weddings in the family and baby hats for every baby this year. but I also planning on knitting my husband some socks, and right now i have the yarn for these two projects:
The Morning Velvet from this season's Knitty. I will be using that lovely yarn I got from knit picks thanks to a gift certificate from my mother in law.

The Let it Flow Vest from Creative Knits. Right now i am planing on using some more yarn from my stash. again yarn that was supposed to become a blanket but i just couldn't get the feel of it as a blanket. I'll talk about it more when it get's cast on. 

And yes these are both selfish knits.

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