Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday 2

It has been a long week and I am sorry I didn't get the next part of the Never ending story up. I've had some problems with the regulation of my time. my lunch breaks this week have been filled with stuff. and I keep getting distracted. And on that note I am going to take to day and express my thanks for several friends on the inter-webs that I would not still be in contact with or would never have met without the internet.

1. Liz Stewart (Bowel of Stew(art)) Liz is one of my friends from College, and I am afraid if it wasn't for her blog and the fact that i also blog I wouldn't be in contact with her. we were good friends in college and we still remain good friends. I love her blog where she brightens up my day and has always been an encouragement during NanoWrimo. She has given me several ideas which have come onto my blog. whether she is sharing a discussion she had with Favorite Athiest or talking about her struggles to keep her house clean and eat right or just talking about her cats Inu and Kima. (I believe that Inu is Japeness for Dog) she is always a treat to read. 

2. Stephanie (Ward) Perry (Mother am I) One of my best friends form college. she has only reasently revived her blog, and I missed her! now she blogs about her knitting, and spinning and her kids. one of who i have never met and Hana I haven't seen sense she was little little. Steph and I have a history, we went through a lot in College, so I am very glad that thanks to the inter-webs we are still in touch. 

3. Matthew Rose (The Matthew Never Knew) I'm going to take this moment and say a huge welcome back Matt!!!!!!! I have missed this guy. he is funny and smart. at his blog he blogs about stuff he likes in pop culture -including a huge series about the Gilmore Girls- about theology and different passages he is preaching on. I am so glad he is back!

4. Darci Cole (Page Traveler Tales) this is a Cousin-in-law that I have really wanted to get to know better. Sadly distance and other things have made it very difficult for us to hang out. but thanks to her blog I get to be a part of her life and hear about her son and husband. sometimes she can get a little cheesy, but I love hearing about her life and helping her with her writing. She helps me become a better writer. 

5. Ames (My Infernal Journel, and Chapterhouse Lane) I met this chick through Darci. I don't know if she likes that I lurk around her blogs, but that is how it goes. her personal journal is a fun place to stop by and hear about how her life is going. what I really enjoy is Chapterhouse where she 'publishes' her books. Sometimes they are good stories and sometimes not as much but I admire her for putting her stuff out there and letting people read through it. I've always been very self conscious of my own work which is why very few people have seen it. I hope to make that change but right now I have to give her props. even if some times i get a little harsh in my critic of her stuff, I really do admire her for taking the critics. 

well those are the bloggers I am thankful for. Love you all!

Let the peace of Christ Rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be Thankful
Colossians 3:15

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