Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reading list

I love to read. I have always made time for reading that wasn't related to my course work, so even when i was in school i was reading Hobs, Tolkien, Lewis, Ende, Homer, Shakespeare. I found that it helped my brain process the important material, plus it made for great material to add to papers. (my final philosophy paper was about how the Chronicles of Narnia can combat Atheism and support the christian religious experiences.) So I read a lot. I also have a job where I spend most of my day listening to pod casts and audio books. thus my reading has increased tremendously. several of my friends have posted on facebook that they are going to read x number of books. I don't really make goals based on numbers, but rather on books that I know I want to read. so here is a break down of my reading list this year:

Current Reads:
Silmarilion (almost done with it but it will count towards this year's book count) the starter, The Canterbury tales, From Homer to Harry Potter, Interesting Times, The Neverending Story,  

Future reads:

The hobbit,
The untold tales (at least for the story that will be coming into play for the movie the hobbit)
The Lord of the rings (which i will count as three books)
all Seven Chronicles of Narnia
All of George MacDonald's Books Starting with the Goblin and the Princes.
at least three Shakespearean plays that I have not yet read
One Dickens' novel that I haven't read yet,
Northanger Abbey By Jane Austen
I plan to listen to these books one right after another in this order: Les Miserables, The tale of Two Cities, The Scarlet Pimpernel,
The Screwtape letters
The Golden fool

the beauty of the infinite
writing for the soul
the Abolition of man
The Republic
The politic
The Narnian Code
Exploring the Hobbit

With Greg
Clash of Kings
Moving Pictures
Men at arms.

I am sure that not all of these will get read, I am sure there will new books added, but  right now this is the list of books I want to read this year.

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