Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog hop: Is it getting hot in here

So I have never done one of these but I thought well what have  I got to lose. Here is the prompt for the Bloghop:

Those kissy scenes are hard to write sometimes, but I love reading one when it's crafted so well it feels like I'm standing beside the characters, watching with inflamed cheeks as sparks fly between the two lovebirds. 

Please share one of your favorite kissing scenes from a book you've read, from your own WiP, make one up, or write about one of your own memorable kisses. Then hop around to feel how sweet, romantic, or downright steamy other characters are getting smooched!

Interestingly enough I actually have a kissing scene in one of my works in progress, and I wasn't sure how I liked it. So this will kill two birds with one stone... I think that is the right metaphoric...any way before I post the scene(s) something you should know. Remember that little except I wrote right before my hiatus? Yeah this takes place in the same world. This is from my story that was originally My attempt at writing a science fiction, now I am hoping to change it into a fantasy that takes place in a space like setting. Something else you should know, Elliot is blind.

Love in Flight or Intimacy
Thea sat at the controls of her ship piloting was so simple, why couldn't everything else be this simple? She sighed, this job was going to be a disaster. Two hours ago she had checked on her passengers only to find them arguing in on the observation deck. It was going to take a miracle to get them all to work together.
Suddenly but gently she felt warm hands start to rub her shoulders, She jumped.
“So tense,” said Elliot. “you worry too much.”
she sighed as every muscle relaxed under his touch. “I don't know how this plan is going to work.”
“It will,” he assured her, “I even promise to try and be nicer to Leo.:
“Really?” sarcasm and disbelief filled her tone.
“I said try.”
she grinned.
They were then silent a while as Elliot continued to rub her shoulders. She dropped her head to her chest.
“What did you mean when you called Ki a sunset?”
“Are you jealous my sun rise?” he asked light heatedly.
“no” she answered quickly.
Elliot chuckled. “You both are very similar, full of life, hope promise and dreams. These things shine like the sun. You believe in them and thus the night filled with fears and doubts has no power over you. Ki, has to fight to believe. She wants to be she is afraid and thus the night is conquering her.”
“Why is she afraid.”
“Secrets take energy to keep, and and there is the consent fear of discovery.”
His hands soothed Thea's muscles and she felt herself falling under his spell. He kissed the back of her neck. “Elliot.” she said trying to break the spell.
He kissed her again this time near her ear lobe.
She turned her chair resolved to not let this happen, but his hands followed her movements and his lips found hers.

Elliot always had a hard time explaining to people what it was he saw. He was blind, his eyes had been burned and stared out of his face dead and cold. But he did see. Some times he did not even understand what it was he saw. Emotions, secrets, past wounds, future dreams and hopes these gave the people around him form, and color. Or at least it felt like color mixed with scents warmth and cold. He knew his eyes did not bring to him anything of the world around him, but he could still see. It wasn't that he could know everything about every person he passed. For most people he only saw, or sensed their most present emotions. But any person if he disregarded the personal privacy of those around him he could look closely at the tapestry of their lives he could follow single threads, or at least he should be able to. He had been so afraid of that ability and what he might find woven into the tapestry of a persons life that he never exercised that power.
Others were more visible to him being filled with vivid colors that over powered him. That was what Thea was like, more so now then normal as she opened herself to him. Her warmth, happiness, and yes even her sorrow washed over him like the sun rise washing over the land and bathing it is light. Her hopes and dreams were shared with him in waves of reds and golds.

(by the way, this will be replacing this month's Out of the Note Book post.)


Morgan said...

Love Elliot and what he *does* see... that whole bit and idea is beautiful. The "waves of reds and golds" when Thea is open to him, very nice. :D

David P. King said...

That's such a cool scene. Maybe love isn't blind after all. Good one! :)

Angela M. said...

I love how Elliot views people. His vision seems vibrant. Thanks for sharing this!

Shell Flower said...

Elliot's vision is super cool and I like the tension in the kiss scene. This is a great post. The different POVs work well.

Jade Hart said...

That was amazing - such vivid colours :) Great post!

Deana said...

I love a kiss that starts with a back rub! I say keep it for sure:)

Leigh Covington said...

Love this scene. Great writing!

Ashley Nixon said...

WOW! LOVED this! So perfect! Great job!

Hope Roberson said...

Awesome POV's! I love how he compares them to sunset/sinrise, beautiful and romantic! Cool concept behind this too!

Lisa said...

Nice! I also like your description of Elliot. Very vivid. Captures the imagination. :-)

Cassie Mae said...

Super romantic! Elliot, won't you be mine?

Gloria Sigountos said...

I just want to thank everyone for their nice comments, and encouragement. This is from a world sand box that I have been playing around in sense my second year of college.

LynNerdKelley said...

Elliot's POV is so cool. I love how he "sees" those around him. Nice!