Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ending the Hiatus.

Okay So I've been doing some thinking. See I'm not so good with the social media and I was getting frustrated with stuff, mostly internet stuff, hence why I took the week off here and the week off of facebook. however in that week I also decided to try twitter out. my husband really likes twitter and has been saying i should just get on there. well I did and while I only have 7 Followers, and I'm only following 20 people and Have only made 17 tweets, I think I like it. I've already meet some neat people and I think I can get into it.

So time for Shameless self promotion- if you read my blog and like it (hard for me to tell, I know people view my blog but i have no idea if they actually read or like it because hey most the time i feel like I am talking to myself- part of the reason I went on hiatus)- I am GloriaSigountos on twitter. I don't promise to be funny and you might learn just how much of a geek I am, but it might be entertaining.

In other news I am rethinking my plan for this year's blogging schedule. I plan to continue my fantasy Ballads- because I love fantasy and it is what I write (don't  be fooled I really don't write science fiction anymore) I am going to continue my Jazzy creations -because I like talking about them. I don't know if anyone else likes hearing about what I am knitting, Drawing, or writing but I am a creative person and it is kind of my thing. I'm also going to keep doing the Coffee Shop Melodies -Maybe now that I am on good reads I can actually have more conversation with people on the multitude of books I read.  (Oh yeah I'm also on good reads now so please if you do that then add me as a friend) Also I will continue to participate in the Simple women's Daybook-it is just a really nice little post that helps me give a general up date and think about my life (most the time that is good) And well I have to keep Thankful Thursday -I mean come on. The thing that will change is I am not going to try and post Fantasy Ballads twice a week. that was stupid.

What I am going to do is start participating in Sunday Scribblings- well I am going to use the prompts. I haven't figured out how exactly but It will be on going and Probably some kind of general Sword and Sorcery type of fantasy. because well I am trying to become a better writer right? Maybe some of the new writers on the blog and tweet world will stop by and tell me what they think. (Amy please take advantage of this and get some revenge for the more mean comments I made on the fantasy you wrote story.)

On that note I am thinking of opening up my Nano blog to the public. And actually doing a weekly update on something I am working on or something connected to writing. this one i am not sure about because while i want to get feed back on my writing I don't plan to be self published however i noticed that several friends are posting excerpts from their work online and maybe it might be okay. I don't know still thinking on that.

So that is the after Hiatus update.yeah I think that pretty much covers it. See you tomorrow with a Coffee shop melody My last thoughts on the Iliad.

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