Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On The Needles- February edition

well I am sorry to say that I no finished projects. I've had a couple of projects fall through or I've just decided that I don't want to work on them. Part of this is because I have been unable to get the right pattern set up or the yarn for the right project put together. See I like to have a simple project that can go to work with me. you know one that is mostly stocking stitch so it doesn't matter that I only get ten minuets at a time to work on it, and it doesn't require too much of my mind so I can still browse twitter and facebook while on my break. and ever sense I finished up my wedding and baby gifts I've had nothing small to work on. Socks would be ideal, but i haven't yet found the pattern for that, or in the case of my husband's socks the yarn.

Any way I have a few projects on the needles a red variegated shawl-et, this will probably end up in the gift box for my sisters. Last year they didn't get a hand knit idem and I feel a little guilty for that. this shawl-et is a simple lace pattern: r1: k across, r2: K across, r3 (k2 yo) repeate k last stitch. Yet it looks so nice I can't wait to put u pictures. I;m still working on the black cardigan, but that is going slowly, not sure why probably because i haven't been knitting at home that much. And the last project is a creation of my own. I am still trying to create a knit hair net. I have stolen a pattern for a head band to start with this time and once i get something there I will start the net. I think I will still use the k3 s1 k2 passo lace stitch.

well that is my knitting update I hope you knitting is going better then mine. Thanks for stopping by and remember as Mis K says: "the next time someone makes fun of you for knitting in public just laugh it off, because after the Zombie Apocalypse you will have a  useful tool and they will just be food"

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