Monday, February 06, 2012


I'm taking the week off. I know I've been spotty on the blog the last couple of weeks and for that I am sorry. Hopefully starting next Monday I will be back.

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Michael Mulligan said...

I responded to your comment about taking a break on another social media site. Don't give up, Gloria.

I recently started a new blog for writers to come together. I reached out to some of the best mentors in the business to share their expertise. Like you, I got the cold shoulder. It hurt. I could have retreated. Instead, I kept reaching out.

I invite you to visit my blog for writers. Every Friday I bring in an expert to share. I've managed to find an expert every week in spite of all the others who made me want to vomit from their pathetic excuses. I hope you stop by and look around. Here's the link...

Keep writing.