Friday, February 03, 2012

random writing thought

So I had this monologue come into my head the other day during the middle of one of my crazy sleepy/weepy moments just as I was crashing. what do you think: (see footnotes for clarifications on strange words)

The thoughts of a young Koile* before the lottery 

we were solders. That was what they made us to be. they needed some one, some thing to fight back the Mizlars,** those who had lost their sanity and now feed upon human flesh. our fore bearers did just that. they fought the war that no one else could win. the Mizlars were pushed back to Mizla whence they came. but victory wasn't ours. they feared us, the somethings they created. we fought their war, but theirs was the victory. our mothers and fathers were sent here to Aerosa*** where war is all we know, only war never victory. Aerosa, where the other worlds send their damned. Where the damned continue and make war amongst each other, fighting for bread because there is never enough to go around, fighting for our lives, pitiful thou they maybe. here we continue the never ending war which those in the other worlds watch, mock and gamble as though our lives mean nothing.  perhaps they don't we have lived among the damned for generations. none now remain who remember hearing thier grand parents tell them the stories of when we were solders. Maybe the rest of the worlds have forgotten, but we remember. We remember that before we were counted among the damned we were solders.

*Koile- a human who's ancestors were modified to fight the Mizlars
** Mizlars- a group of humans who went mad, after destroying their own world of Mizla they began attacking the other worlds.
***Aerosa- a virtually uninhabitable world used as a prison


Morgan said...

This is great. Looks like you're a pro at world building. It's a rare talent and a hard thing to do, so good for you. I bet your work is awesome! ;)

Gloria Sigountos said...

Thanks Morgan.