Saturday, February 25, 2012

Simple women's Daybook 2/25/12

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FOR TODAY February 25 2012

Outside my window... still my neighbor's houses. we really need to trim the hedges

I am thinking... about what I want to do today. part of me want s to cast on a bunch of new knitting projects. part of me wants to put my nose to the grind stone and write, part of me wants to get out my paints and make some masterpieces. (well at least master pieces in my mind, I don't care what anyone else thinks.)

I am thankful... For friends. that may seem generic but I am really thankful for my friends. weather it is my childhood chum or my college friends with whom i planned to change the world with our idealized and immature world views, or my friends at church. I love them all and I am so grateful for them. 

In the kitchen... a mess. I have been very lacking in my house keeper duties

I am wearing... cloths and I'm wrapped up in the Penguin blanket that Lisa made for my husband. nothing can hurt me while defended by the penguins! nothing I tell you! they give a +4 to ALL Defenses!

I am creating... a sweater, a Shawl-et, a Sock, a Cardigan, and three novels. 

I am going...  Maybe toe the Yarn Shop latter today with Jeanette.

I am wondering... I'm moving so slow today. 

I am reading... eight different books- find me on goodreads. anyway here is the list: Neverending Story, Moving pictures, Princess and the goblins, From Homer to Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Starter, David Copperfield, the Canterbury Tales. yep that is it and yet I am thinking of starting another one...

I am hoping... hmm I don't know what I am hoping, maybe that this late winter funk with end, that would be nice. 

I am looking forward to... Hmmm I think things are going to be slowing down again, but i think right now i am looking forward to going out to lunch tomorrow with the St. Adains Crowd. 

I am learning... or I am trying to learn to stop being so hard on myself. 

Around the house... A battle mat and miniatures. I Love being a Geek!

I am pondering... What to cast on today

A favorite quote for today... "When Life gives you Lemons...Shove them down life's throat with a return to sender note." 

One of my favorite things... The Penguin Blanket of Awesomeness!

A few plans for the rest of the week: gee I don't know... there is church tomorrow, game next Saturday, Dance on Wednesday the further adventures of me trying to be 'healthy'? I think it is pretty much an empty week, which is nice considering that last week was very very busy

A peek into my day... knitting writing, walking, yarn shopping with Jeanette (yea!) and yeah I think that is it. 

The song that has been one of my life lines this week. I love this song! worth the Fight by Marie Hines

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