Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A is For Apple

(I know I am a day behind but hopefully I will caught up by monday)

It was the most beautiful Apple Gwyn had ever seen; shiny, red, and deadly. It sat on the pillar in the center of the garden prison. The garden was filled with beautiful plants but make no mistakes it was a prison. Gwyn had come in following what she thought was the sound of Edward in trouble. I stead she discovered it was only a mocking bird used as bait to lure her into the labyrinth. She had tried for sometime to escape but she now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the Labyrinth garden was enchanted and forcing her to this spot.

There very center of the maze where the ivory pillar stood with a single red apple on it. Gwyneira the princess of the kingdom of Secundus was now a captive of her step mother, Queen Invida. They had tried so hard, she, Rosy, and the others. But at the moment when Gwyn stepped into the center of the maze she knew they were beat. As soon as she stepped out of the opening the hedge grew up behind her. There was no new exit to try. It was over.

She could hear her step mother's words from almost a year ago, "Die Gwyneira or I will destroy everything you hold dear." That was after the huntsman had let her go. Gwyn picked up the apple. Rosy, Lilli and Cindy were captured, Talia was lost, It had been too long sense she had heard from Scarlet, Hunter, or Oz. She wondered if it was even worth hoping that Edward, Henry, Richard and Charels were even still alive.

Tears flowed freely down her cheeks. it was over and she had won. Gwyn took a large bite from the apple and chewed. as she swallowed she sat on the bench and then a few moments latter she fainted. a blue bird flew to her shoulder to try and wake her, but Gwyn had become a still as stone.
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(I'm going to be continuing this story thought out the Challenge. Can you figure out which fairy tales I am using? God Speed and Open Roads)

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randi lee said...

Because of the apple and the huntsman I'm going to guess Snow White, but I could be completely off the mark! I loved this piece. The overlapping referal to the red apple was a neat little trick; it definitely stuck that symbol in my head and made it a very moving and central part of the story. Great job!