Monday, April 08, 2013

F is for The Fairest of them All

(Okay Post two for the day, my way of trying to get caught up. hopefully some of the misery will be Cleared up.)
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Roselyn, Princess of Primos kingdom hung by her ankels in the middle of one of the torture chambers Queen Invida had created after taking over the castel. she could see the remnants of what the tower had originally been, her school room where she, her sister, Gwen, and her brother, Charles learned their lessons. The old telescope was still there, broken. The Tapestry from which they memorized their family history still hung on the north wall. so many pieces of their lives before queen Invida had come into their home.

Now dried blood replaced the carpet, on the table a collection torture devices replaced the collection of lesson books, and then there was the mirror, beautiful and nearly pulsing with magic. Rosey could see her reflection in it, gently swaying back and forth from her bounds.

The surface of the mirror rippled and the most beautiful and deadly women Rosy had ever known stepped though. her skin was bronze and an her cheeks rosy. her brown hair was perfectly dressed and her gown perfectly accentuated her perfect hour glass figure.

"well." said Rosy gathering as much snark as she could, "If it isn't the Fairest of them all."

Queen Invida smiled showing off her prefect white teeth, and snapped her fingers. The bounds released and she fell.

Rosy fell with a thump. She could feel new bruises forming. "I'm sorry did I make you mad?"

Invida continued to smile and waved her hand. Rosy was flung back against the stone wall. "why would you think that?"

Rosy got up slowly, "If this is you happy I would had to see you though a temper tantrum."

The queen held out her hand, "I want to show you something." Rosy felt the magic cloud around her and then forcer her to the queen's side. "Look."

Rosy couldn't turn away from the mirror. There lay her sister on a bench an apple lay on the ground next to her. Invida cast her hand over the glass and the image changed this time of Cindy crying in the dark. more images showed themselves on the surface of the mirror, Talia asleep, The dwarf Urgar standing over Scarlet, and Henry trapped in a bell tower in a monstrous form. She saw each of them, Lilli, Edward, and Richard.The spell wore off and Rosy buried her face in her hands.

Invida let the girl fall, "You see child?" she said smiling, "how can I be angry with you, you failed."she snapped her fingers, "now if you will excuse me I have some important plans to finalize  your brother's wedding is tomorrow after all. I thought I would let you watch before your execution " the chains that had held Rosy aloft were once again at her ankles. they drug her close to the wall instead of suspending her from the ceiling.

The mirror rippled and Invida was gone. Rosy took a long breath then whispered, "That sure took long enough."
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