Saturday, April 06, 2013

D is For Dreamer

(Okay so I had something very exciting happen this week, I'm sorry that it meant that I got behind again. I hope everyone likes this part of the challenge better then last part.)
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Talia was in her little cottage. The little place where her parents had hidden her away when they believed a dark power was going to come after her. She sang as she danced around the open room. She heard some thing outside, and ran to the window. There dismounting from his horse was Prince Richard, the second son of the king of Primos. She ran out to greet him. They kissed and birds sang. It was all perfect.

Too perfect. Talia stepped back from Richard's embrace.  She noticed that the colors were wrong. They were too bright too radiant.

"Richard," She asked, "where are we?"

He smiled,"We're home you silly." He went to embrace her again.

"But the queen..."

"She's dead," he said, "You see, we're safe the kingdoms are at peace."

"But how?"

"Exactly the way we planned it." He assured her, "Don't you remember?"

Talia thought for a moment. "The rain storm, and the tree, she fell."

Richard smiled again then embraced his princes, "Yes." He patted her hair, "It's all over."

"And we can live happily ever after?" She asked clinging to him.

"Most defiantly."

She closed her eyes and sighed, breathing in his smell, cinnamon and saddle wood. She opened her eyes so happy, and that was when she saw the humming bird. It buzzed from one flower to the next. Darting from one bloom to the next, but something was wrong. She'd seen that before... She stepped away from Richard and moved closer. It saw her and hovered looking at her. Talia held out her hand and the bird alighted on it for just a second then flew off to another plant.
She looked at Richard, "This isn't real."

"what are you talking about."

"This is a dream."

"Now you are just being silly shell I go find your mother?"

"What are you talking about?" She asked.

"She's inside." He pointed back to where the cabin was but now it was the door to her mother's Drawing room in he palace. They were no longer in the woods, they were in a hall of the castle.

Talia backed away. "This can't be real. My mother is dead, Richard you know that."

He opened the door, "Are you sure?"

Talia peeked inside, her mother sat on her chair with her embroidery while her younger brother and sister played with a top on the floor. her mother looked up Talia stepped through the door, "Talia my dear." She stood and took her daughter in her arms.

"Mother," She cried as she buried her head in her mother's gown.
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