Monday, April 08, 2013

E is for Even Fall

(So I am so bad at this. so very bad at this. life went crazy. So I am going to try to catch up by posting more then once a day. this makes my blog go a little crazy, but hey that is the way life goes so here we go. I hope you like this part and can figure out who each of these characters are reinterpreted from)

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The light was fading and the shadows were lengthening, Even fall was at hand. Hunter stopped  in a small clearing and listend. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply and made contact with his wolf companion. Smells and sights came to Hunter as if he was himself a wolf. The wolf stopped at a sound, horses, many horses, and riders.

Hunter opened his eyes, “they’re close.”

Scarlet stood near him hugging her Red hooded cloak tightly around her. “How close are they?”

The wolf trotted to Hunter. Hunter knelt and put his hands on either side of his friend’s head. “We can’t out run them.”

Scarlet looked up a the fading light. “I can feel the moon.”

“Those men are doing nothing more then their orders.” he said.

“Are you saying that all of Queen Invida men are enchanted like you were?”

Hunter shook his head, “They fight for her for many reasons, some are acting out of their own free will, others surve for the promises she offered, others are threatened, only a few are placed under her magics.”

Scarlet breathed deeply feeling the power of the moon calling her soul, already she could smell and see things clearer then before. “The we should run, we are wasting time and Rosy’s Sacrifice.”

Suddenly there was a crash in the forest before them. a large bear came crashing through the trees. The wolf growled and Hunter was on his feet with arrow drawn.  The bear saw them and stood to it’s feet.

“Oz?” asked Scarlett.

The bear nodded, and then headed off back into the forest. Hunter, the wolf and Scarlet hurried after him. Oz lead them down a path. The wolf ran next to Oz. He was suddenly carried off the path by a hidden trap. He yelped and thrashed about. Hunter went to help his companion only to find himself caught in a different trap hanging upside down from a tree branch. The Oz came back to help but Fell clawing at the blue stone that was embedded in his shoulder.  Scarlet caught up to them just as a Dwarf came out from behind the bushes.

“I thought ye’d come this way.” He took out his pipe.

 Oz Growled.

“dead?” The dwarf snickered. “Never trust some one to stay dead when you don’t make sure of it first.”

“Scarlet get out of here.” Said Hunter

The Dwarf held his staf out towards her, “I wouldn't do that missy, the guards should be here soon.”
Scarlet watched the dwarf carefully, she could hear the queen's men coming.  Hunter hung from the trees, Oz writhed on the ground, and the last rays of sunlight were extinguished. Her hand went to the ruby broach at her neck.

“Scarlet no.” yelled Hunter.

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