Wednesday, April 03, 2013

B is for Bells

(points to Randi lee for figuring out that Gweniera is Snow White. today a new character is introduced  this one is a little harder and is the combination of three Fairy tale characters. let me know in the comments if you can figure it out.)

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The Bells chimed in the far off church towers. Lilli put aside the soft wool she had been working with and rose from her seat at the spinning wheel. She walked to the western window of her tower prison, and placed her hand against the cold stained glass window. there were four such windows in her tower. between them all she could see all of the land that made up five kingdoms. Five kingdoms which were fast becoming one.

Queen Invida of Quint had started her work long before she became the second wife of the king of Primus. And it was a long time before anyone believed Rosy when she said her stepmother was  a witch. Everyone thought she was just upset at her father for remarrying. Then there was the murder attempt on Gwen, Rosy's sister.

Along with all their allies Gwen, Rosy, and Lilli worked to stop the queen. But she was stronger then they were. Lilli knew that best. She had watched as Invida had poisoned her father's mind till he no roomed mad in the woods. Her mother imprisoned in gold.

There had been a time when they thought they were winning, like when Hunter w freed from the power fo the witch. But now things looked grim. Their more powerful allies were scattered. Rosy in the queens' dungeon, Cindy was locked up by her step mother, Talia was lost, and Lilli was stuck in this tower. The worse part was that every day on the hour she could hear the bells.

The man she loved was under his own enchantment there. Stuck in his abnormal form the priests where the only ones to have pity on him. Prince Henry, first son of the king of Primos, whom she had fallen in love with over the course of their many years playing together as children, was now under a terrifying curse and locked in a bell tower.

She sighed deeply and turned back to her work. Lilli was the one who discovered the moster Henry had been turned into.  She new him at once, he had fled from her. Lilli followed him to the cathedral only to find that he had locked himself away, and now was the hidden bell ringer.

Crying on the steps of the cathedral was where Invida found her. Desperate she offered to do what ever the wich queen wanted to save Henry. With a wicked smile invida brought lilli to this tower "Spin." the queen had said. "spin yourself  rope to climb down from then only then Can you even hope to save him." then she was gone without a trace. Every morning there was wool, and every day lilli would spin till her back ached.

"Wise one spin your circle black..." Lilly sang as she worked. "Weave the wisdom that we lack, moonlight, sunlight, starlight, shimmer, bind us as one.”
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